Society Events

…Chicago’s First Annual LGBT Sneaker Ball…

By-DeoVonte “Deo” Means

… Roll up, roll up, hold up, hold up, Po’ up, po’ up …You fuckin’ with a real ass nigga. A fuck how you feel ass nigga. Bitch better act like you know better!…Kanye West- Fade

These words spoken by Kanye was the vibe all last night as the “kids” showed exactly why we’re labeled the purveyors of cool, connoisseurs of sexy and disciples of sophistication. Last night was one of those evenings which you later realize will go down in the annals of Chicago’s urban LGBT nightlife history. It was definitely one of our finer moments! The fellas of High Society hosted the first annual LGBT Sneaker’s Ball and it was indeed iconic! The Sneaker’s Ball is a party theme originated by the urban, upwardly mobile, straight community. The concept is guest come clad in formal attire and outfitted in provocative sneakers! Instantly it became a phenomena on social media, but ironically, was never duplicated in the LGBT community. Well that all changed on Saturday evening as High Society not only adapted the concept but innovated it in a way that only our community can!  As guest descended upon the Alhambra Palace located in the West Loop, the ambiance could best be described as an urban LGBT version of the MET Gala. Some of the most beautiful people of the city donned stunning suits and ensembles in the sexiest colors of the season. Guest capped off their displays of au cournat fashion with awe-inspiring sneakers that ranged from Fendi/Givenchy-Nike/Adidas. The “kids” not only were in the building, but they didn’t come to play any games either! The fellas of High Society deserve a full round of applause. They’ve consistently utilized due diligence to show they’re committed vested stakeholders in the industry with a goal to bring quality, innovative, enjoyable experiences to the community. Job well done fella’s and congrats Chicago for being the FIRST city to host the LGBT Sneakers Ball…It was fab!….Deo

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