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Chicago Pride 2019…Living Unapologetically…(pics inside)…

By – DeoVonte “Deo” Means

To those on the outside looking in, it’s easy to assume Pride is about flamboyancy, parties, dates and having a drunken good time. But to those that actually live this life and are vested in our community, it’s much more significant than that. Pride becomes a yearly homecoming that celebrates life and allows you the opportunity to reconnect with old and new friends. The over-the-top energy that’s often captured in pictures is a personal declaration. Despite all the challenges we may have experienced throughout the year, we’re still here! It’s an attestation that as a demographic, we rise above the hate and continue to flourish.  This year severe thunderstorms threatened to damper the Sunday festivities. But as soon as the clouds passed, it was as if a universal bat-signal was pressed and the “kids” descended upon the park. I enjoyed myself and look forward to another year of meeting new people and living unapologetically….Deo

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