Intriguing & Impressive

…Jason Bolden & Adair Curtis… Negros Styling Hollywood…

By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

Upon first hearing about the new Netflix series that’s on the tongue of all the “in the know”- Styling Hollywood – I was a bit more overjoyed than normal.  Hailed as a present-day, black, gay, male equivalent of Sex In The City; this series is centered around the day-to-day work of the two hottest talents taking Hollywood by storm. Celebrity stylist/fashion intellectual Jason Bolden and celebrity interior designer/aesthetic guru Adair Curtis personify the outcome that results when two talented, focused and strategic black gay men collaborate and commit to a vision. Together, they’ve founded their multi-disciplinary design firm, JSN Studio’s and boast a clientele roster that includes the likes of Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, Taraji P. Henson, Yara Shahidi, Serena Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, Sabrina Carpenter, Ava DuVernay, Mary J. Blige, Dave East, Dule Hill, Storm Reid, and Ryan Coogler. Jason’s repertoire includes composing a trio of distinctive looks for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Met Gala in New York, and he has been recognized as one of Hollywood Reporter’s ​Top 25 Most Powerful Stylists​ for the past 3 years. Jason has played an integral role in the plight of amplifying the message of inclusion in the fashion industry. “I want to be in the front of that battle,” he said, “to say at the end of the day that everybody deserves a chance.”

Adair’s resume is equally impressive within his perspective discipline of interior design. His talent has allowed him to work closely with the likes of Naomi Campbell and Russell Simmons! But watching this series, my attention was focused on one person…Jason! I first met Jason years ago when he resided in Chicago. He was a clientele specialist at Nicole Miller on Oak St., and I was a young lad ferociously collecting designer labels off the sales rack. Jason was also a peer of mines that frequented the iconic Friday night- spot-to-be-seen, The Prop House. As time progressed, Jason’s knowledge of fashion, keen eye to trends and sublime personality made him one of the most sought after and highly regarded clientele specialist on Oak St. Chloe, Oscar de la Renta and Gucci is a few luxury ready-to-wear houses he’s worked retail for. After relocating to NYC, I watched his slow ascendancy into fame as he made appearances on LaLa Anthony’s VH1 show, but nothing prepared me for this! Bro and his husband (Adair) not only own their own business, but also have their own show that’s centered around their business-line. Now that’s DOPE! “As two, black, gay men; it’s super important to help shift the planet,” Jason told WWD in a recent interview. “I’m super thrilled to have this platform to help show and possibly educate people. Adair and I are on the same journey as everyone else, searching for joy and balance.

Accompanied by a nice bottle of Chardonnay; I binged watched the series on Saturday evening, and it was beyond enjoyable! I found it to be organic, entertaining and honest. The show gave the viewer a rare peek inside the world of A-list styling and interior design. Perhaps others with this opportunity may have been content with a show in which their celebrity clients filled the hour with cameos. But these fellas decided upon a different strategy, which turned out to be brilliant! They give the viewer an inside look at the skill, detailing, hard-work and anxiety that goes into their craft. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all “champagne & picking out dresses.”  Additionally, I took pride in the fact that they also illustrated an accurate image of the normal upwardly mobile gay man! Often times, TV portray us as caricatures that most of us don’t really identify with. To gain ratings, gay men on TV tend to be almost clownish with drag-queen dialect and nomenclature. These gentlemen were just normal dudes – on their grind and hustling – and also proudly married and in love with each other. I’m so proud of Jason & Adair. Not only are they doing their thing and breaking barriers, but they’re also serving as an inspiration and motivation to countless others. Congrats on the show fella’s! I thoroughly enjoyed it and also walked away feeling motivated and inspired. Cheers Deo…


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