Editors Note

…The Covid-19 Quarantine Has Become A Whole Mood!…

By – DeoVonte “Deo” Means

As I pensively ruminate the culmination of the first month of our “new normal,” prostrate we lay in lamentation. In a state of disconsolation! Daily we’ve come to acquiesce that the world we once knew has become acherontic. Covid-19 stunned our sensibilities in the most ruthless, brutal and savage manner. Mrs. Rona, as we jokingly call the novel virus, came through as a mighty maritime general on horseback, with swords drawn, – and for the first time in history, successfully conquered the entire world! In almost an anecdotal way, Covid-19 swiftly brought the most powerful country on Earth to its knees! The Corona virus exposed just how vulnerable we are and the unmitigated incompetence of our most exalted and powerful leaders. In a month’s time, we were shown the deficiency and impairment of our infrastructure. Covid-19 highlighted the racial disparities in a society that effectively conscript an entire demographic to being categorized as “most vulnerable” – which is an almost certain death sentence during health crises. CEO of the free world now, build your walls up high and wide. Make it rain to keep them out but that won’t change what we are inside.

 As cataclysmic as the present may appear, there’s still a poetic beauty in our survival. We’ve illustrated just how resilient and amalgamated we are as a race. We stand battered, but not broken. Even in the face of a world-wide pandemic, we are most confident that our new reality is not a destiny of aggrievement. Veritably, our ability to adapt and evolve is an integral component in our overall survival. History, science and evolution all unilaterally agree that this competitive advantage alone differentiates us from our biological counterparts. It explains why we as a species continue to survive and flourish, while other species have succumb to extinction. Many may label me esoteric, but I’m confident that the Pandemic of 2020Corona Virus – will forever be etched as a poignant moment in our lives. History will speak of our refusal to rusticate in ecclesiastical terms! In this installment of The Flyy-Life, we highlight and pay homage to some of the most creative, provocative and headlining pop-culture phenomenon’s, whether comical or imbecilic, that collectively served as a balm to unite us and get us through. Our lesson learned – it’s plain to see, man’s true integrity, by the way he treats, those he does not need.  Enjoy… Deo

  • Words & vocabulary that’s become our norm……

  • Epic Documentaries –
The Hillary Clinton Documentary

The Crown Documentary

Who Killed Malcolm X Documentary

The Royal House of Windsor Documentary

  • Viral Entertainer- Leslie Jordan
Leslie Jordan

  • Press/Reporter – Paula Reid (CBS)
The Paula Reid/ President Trump Smack-Down

  • Style & Fashion –
David Muir (ABC News) & Cheryl Burton (ABC Chicago)

Dr. Deborah Birx

  • Headlines –
American Cruise Ships Refused Entry Onto The Mainland Stuck At Sea.

Churches Closed On Easter Sunday

The First Time Since Christ The Vatican Is Closed To Parishioners On Resurrection Sunday.

Wisconsin Republics vote to proceed with primary elections, despite the pandemic crisis and against their constituents wishes and best interest.

The Federal Government issues $1200.00 Economic Stimulus Payments to taxpayers.

In under 6 weeks unemployment claims a record shattering 30 million Americans.

  • The Viral Challenge – Don’t Rush (Catch My Vibe)
King Amiyah
The Trans Ladies set the bar for this one.

  • Viral Documentaries –
Tiger King

Self Made- Madame C.J. Walker

The Clark Sisters

  • Films –
The Two Popes

  • Gag Worthy Scandals –
Floridians FLOCK to beaches in masses despite pandemic warning and pleas for social distancing.

Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot aka Auntie Lori, put the entire city on punishment by closing the lake, beaches and parks after they defied her shelter-in-place/ social distancing order on the first warm day and got caught flocking outside.

Georgia’s governor re-opens the state to include gyms, tattoo parlors and salons despite being in the midst of a global pandemic.

President Trump illustrates how clueless he is when it comes to constitutional law by tweeting he has sovereign authority over governors to re-open their States.

President Trump suggest to the nation/world to inject disinfectants (Lysol & Bleach) into the body as a way to cleanse it from the coronavirus.

“I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. Is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning?” Trump asked.

In two days, per Trump suggestion, calls to poison control in multiple states spike. An Illinoisan reportedly gargled with bleach and another person did nasal flush with ammonia.

North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un reportedly dead.

  • National Influential Leaders –
U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams

Dr. Anthony Fauci – Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

U.S Global AIDS Coordinator & U.S. Special Representative For Global Health Diplomacy (Appointed 2014 Under Former President Barack Obama)

Secretary Steven Mnuchin- 77th Secretary of the U.S. Department of Treasury

Governor Andrew Cuomo- New York

Governor Gavin Newsom – California

Governor JB Pritzker- Illinois

Governor Gretchen Whitmer- Michigan

Mayor Lori Lightfoot- Chicago

Dr. Ngozi Ezike- Director of Illinois Department of Public Health

Dr. Allison Arwady- Commissioner of Chicago Department of Health

BE SAFE…….From The Flyy-Life

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