Editors Note

2020 In Memoriam – …“Don’t stay awake for too long, but don’t go to bed”…

…. Yeah, I do not wanna fall asleep, I don’t wanna pass away
I been thinking of our future ’cause I’ll never see those days
I don’t know why this has happened, but I probably deserve it
I tried to do my best, but you know that I’m not perfect

I been praying for forgiveness, you’ve been praying for my health
When I leave this earth, hoping’ you’ll find someone else
Cause yeah, we are still young, there’s so much we haven’t done
Getting married, start a family, watch your husband with his son

I wish it could be me, but I will not make it out this bed
I hope I go to heaven, so I see you once again
My life was kind of short, but I got so many blessings
Happy you were mine, it sucks that it’s all ending…
Powfu – death bed

In this concisely formulated song; we are shown just how diminutive is our control in the script with which destiny deals us. As we sojourn through this journey of life, death is always a tragic event that produces sentiments of confusion, sorrow, and despair. We attempt to remain calm and collected – but emotionally we grieve the reality that each passing soul leaves us with dreams that have been shattered. We linger in a state of devastation and attempt to take solace in knowing that “at least it is over now” … “no more pain.” Our hearts break as we acknowledge, if “that person” were still here, we would’ve continued being happy and evolving together. But unfortunately, fate determined this is not possible. We realize it is out of our luck and bend to the divine will of God. In our most destitute and helpless state of being, the Grand Architect of the universe is compassionate in grace. Soon weeping is replaced by celebrating the final significance, contribution, and footprint of the dearly departed.

For almost a decade now, here at The Flyy-Life, we’ve prided ourselves on annually paying homage and reverent respect to those angels befallen upon us during the previous year. Often in our community, in death, even the most accoladed a relegated to a mere RIP status or social media post for a small moment in time. For ten years, The Flyy-Life has been diligent and committed to ensuring the legacy and memory of those fallen among us are given the dignified and everlasting homage in which they deserve. We whisper a prayer and pray strength to carry on…. Thy will be done……

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