Editors Note / Masterclass

Masterclass Intro- 1A- DeoVonte Means

As a passionate and trusted ambassador of creativity, I embarked on a bold initiative to illustrate excellence does not exist in a vacuum! Driven by the theorem of high artistic execution; I manifested a narrative which takes the viewer on a voyage – hence emblematizing a profound moment in time. – DeoVonte Means    


noun [ C ]

US  /ˈmæs.tɚ.klæs/ UK  /ˈmɑː.stə.klɑːs/

  1. a colloquium taught by someone who has an expert knowledge or skill in a particular area.
  2. a perspicacious class for advanced students, conducted by a person of distinguish.

The Masterclass column is an exciting initiative that also plays a vital and impactful role in the implementation of our new strategic objective. As we celebrate 10 years, we are most grateful for experience and enlightenment instilling upon us that as a voice of authority and leadership within our community, we are tasked to have a keen understanding of how our work could have the widest impact on the world at large. If we are true to our vision, and acting with clarity and conviction, our job is to push boundaries and bring a wider more exciting vision that others can ultimately support, but perhaps do not initially see.

As influencers of our community, we are responsible for promoting a culture that generates excellence. Success is achieved by challenging ourselves to effectively utilize all platforms we have at our disposal to 1) encourage our peers that boldly challenge themselves. 2) Highlight those that possess the audacity to be great! 3) Promote our colleagues that embrace diligence and ingenuity in their areas of expertise. And 4) Celebrate and endorse our brethren that have become high execution, standard bearers within their business-lines!

As this column continues to be driven by divine providence, our collective makeup will vary between differing talents, skills, hobbies, methods of impact and contributing factors. Yet each unique individual will be linked by the shared care values identified as A) an   unparalleled commitment to their craft, B) an inarguable high level of execution, and C) and distinguishability among the peers of their profession and vested stakeholders. As Eleanor Roosevelt was famously quoted as saying, The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams….. DeoVonte Means      

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