Donovan Lamar -The Kaiser of Paint- Masterclass -1B

Written By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

Mr. Donovan Lamar aka “Sexy Donovan” – which is how many of us refer to him – has been on my radar for years. His name and skillset are most definitely spoken by the au courant’s, aficionado’s, influencers, connoisseurs, and purveyors of cool. But more importantly, he has distinguished himself as a master of his craft, with a unwavering commitment to pursuing excellence and high-level execution. When I selected Donovan as one of the first inductees in the Masterclass series, I knew the research and preparation for the article would require me to make purposeful visits to his various social media platforms. Donovan has long been hailed as one of the breathtakingly beautiful faces of our generation; so, I erroneously assumed his social media footprint would be innately driven by superficiality and vanity. Now let me be clear. Confidence and beauty are not flaws! In fact, I endorse it! It’s just rare these days to find individuals identified by those traits to be more than just “surface-level,” but no worries!

I proceeded on my fact-finding, research mission as planned. Almost immediately I was left stunned as I discovered the error in my blanketed statement assumption! This gorgeous young man – that could easily be content and complacent in the adoration that his physical beauty commands – is enlightened and values ambition, ingenuity, diligence, growth, and success! In a recent post made by Donovan, his message to his followers is both decisive and provocative.  Brilliantly, he instructs his peers & constituents alike, to “delete that old version of me you had in your head. It expired!” Just in case the significance of that statement alone is lost on anyone; let me clarify. The messaging and communication technique implemented, is the verbiage spoken by those that are intelligent, ambitious, strategic and audaciously believe in their dreams!  I make a note to self, “a man that’s driven by the process of evolving and refining,” and continue my mission. I’m intrigued and want to discover more.    

With a keen and knowledgeable eye I reviewed his documented catalogue of work. After several days of digesting and deliberating, I’ve concluded that Donovan’s trademark is his impeccable craftmanship and high-level execution. This combination is rare and of extreme value. His scope of influence alone is mind-blowingly staggering! Many of the people we call top influencers and stan over, he calls repeated clients. His value is further substantiated by the demand and respectability his unique services generates from colleagues and stakeholders of the overall business-line. Thoroughness and an unwavering devotion to his craft has increased Donovan’s scope of influence while enhancing his proximity to future opportunity. I laud Donovan with my respect and endorsement because he personifies the outcome of those who are ambitious and have the audacity to dream big. In a world where mediocrity has become the standard, Donovan has indeed chosen to be a disciple of diligence, hard-work, refinement and excellence…. For this, I raise my glass and toast his plight and accomplishment. Donovan has effectively shown us that even if he is NOTHING else, he is indeed an inarguable master of his craft!….Masterclass….Deo

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