Editors Note

…In Memoriam 2022 …Urban LGBT+ Diaspora…

By: DeoVonte “Deo” Means

…To live is Christ and to die is gain. To suffer with Him, I know that I shall reign in His arms, over there, in that land bright and fair; to live is Christ and to die is gain…To gain my peace, from the storms that tear my heart into pieces, little bitty pieces, where no love can dwell there. To gain my robe and to gain my crown, to suffer is Christ, to go through is Christ, to live is Christ and to die is gain

Here at The Flyy-Life, we believe that there is indeed an absolute truth to our profound existence. The Grand Architect of the universe placed each of us individually in this volatile, operose, enervating world; and collectively we form an army of beautiful angels with a single mission. As we navigate through life, we are mandated to use our gifts, talents, and footprints to create a more perfect union as citizens of all humanity. This purpose is what inevitably challenge and propels society as a whole to evolve and expand our minds and presence from being mere shallow in nature.

This plight is what enables our dynamic and multi-dimensional diaspora to advance, survive and thrive as a collective, yet singular organism. As we conclude another cycle around the celestial heavens, we take pause and pay homage to our fallen angels. Although their physical beings no longer dwell amongst us- their contributions, footprint, and legacy will forever remain. For us mortals continuing our sojourn on this compelling odyssey called life, they’ve left behind an everlasting imprint! And until the day after eternity, their flame will burn in our hearts and light our path. Thy will be done… DeoVonte

Ze No
Terrell Core
Kenneth Wiggins
Nyno DuMure Versailles
AJ Crimson
Brooklyn Dixon

Anthony Maynard

Frank Watson
Armani Williams
Raymond Lee
Raymond Lee
Mhalik Antonio
Deidra Black
Carlton LaJuan Earlywine – LaLa Escada
Curtis Beverly
Will Turner
Travis Collier
Jamie Spencer
Elise Malary
Bam Santana
Ronnie Mizrahi
Ryan Chandler
Makuta Thomas
Samantha James – Cookie Tookie
Malik Chris Russell
Jermaine Waterman
Ray Mon
Trent Scott
Joseph Cantrell
Cammio Powell
Elijah N Gilmore
Twista Prince
Martasia Richmond
Jonathan Hurt
Christopher Michael Shelton
Tare McSwain
Jimmie Hill
Star Hayes
Sheldon Conway


Knockout Chanel
Cecil Mullins
Ecko Red
Michael Tyson


Keisha Leroi
Tori Griffin
Smylee Tymes
Adam Wilson
Derrick Huggins- Extravaganza
Jason Dopebwoy
Itti Michaelson
Jabori Steele
Paul Williams
Joshua Thomas Williams
Tae Pierre Weatherspoon-Wright


Malik Mizrahi-Jones
Rayhunna Ross-Kennedy
Latravious Collins
Quentin Hassell
Bankz Jones
Nick West
RaJai Chanel Black
Kevin Samuels
Jeremiah Tarver
Brandon Karter
Dekarlo Leonard
Neonya “Sandy” Brown
Redd Mulaan

Aaron Ellison
Tim Adams-Chosen
Klipz Ebony
Deon Horn
Konnor Kent
Trent Scott
Joseph Romeo Davis
Jerome Hughes
Diamond Aviance Shaolin
Prince Tonio Jackson
Ace Kreme
Dondon Flex
Kyle Townsend
Mark UltaOmni Singleton
Marcus Hughes
Darryl DJ- Hawes
Joshua Anderson

Prince Baldwin Buddah Williams
Reggie Walton
Kalel Rojas
Eddie Nance
Trayvone Mclemore
Courtney Bradford
Derrick Carbon

Jones Curtis
David Castile
Darryl Sardin
Dre Dre
HotRod Stringer
Elitesse Fanon
Tony AD Jones
Marcus Whitlow

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